• Leaf Removal

  • Autumn can be a nice change of pace after a long, hot summer. In many areas of the country, the benefits include cooler, more comfortable weather, apple picking, football and, of course, the leaves changing colors from greens to beautiful reds, oranges and yellows.

    But when those leaves begin to fall, fall lawn care can turn into a chore.

    Raking leaves is a time-consuming task and can leave many with sore backs and blisters on their hands. Many people choose to sweat it out and do their own leaf removal, or pay the kid down the street a few bucks, but in many cases – especially for the elderly, or those with health problems or large lawns – they’re better off calling in the professionals.

    Excess leaves can kill grass

    Fickel says many customers ask for a straight "fall clean up," which means the lawn care company will come out once late in the fall and remove all of the leaves. Others, especially customers who also use the company for mowing services, might ask for a progressive cleaning throughout the fall, which could include up to eight rakings.

    Experts say it's important not to let leaves collect on the ground for too long.