• Hedge Trimming

  • A newly trimmed hedge is a sight to behold. Well-trimmed hedges and shrubs provide fantastic features for your garden and will increase curb appeal. Pruning also improves the health of hedges and shrubs. Removing dead, dying or diseased portions of the shrub or hedge prevents diseases from spreading and insects from settling into deadwood.

    Pruning diverts energy from producing wood to other plant endeavours. Regular pruning can stimulate the growth of larger flowers, longer stems (ideal for pussy willows) and better fruit.

    Pruning shrubs and trimming hedges is an art. Pruning the right way at the right time can enhance plant growth, reduce disease and insect infestations, improve flowering and fruiting and improve the overall health of the plant. Pruning correctly is different for each plant type and it would behoove you to do some research prior to attempting to prune your own shrubs and hedges.

    For pruning to be effective you need to do so regularly and it can be very time consuming. If you don’t know how to prune correctly or timeously, you can do more damage than good. In these situations, its best to consult a garden maintenance professional. If correctly maintained, hedges and shrubs can add immense appeal to your